The 2018-19 Annual Campaign is underway. Your support helps PEOPLE in Coles County.

United Way of Coles County

What does United Way do?

The best way to answer that is United Way of Coles County is changing people's lives. That's it. It's simple. That is our mission - to change and improve the lives of as many people in Coles County as we can. We help all kinds of people with a variety of needs, hunger, homeslessness, at-risk children, people who have been abused, people who cannot afford medical care and more. We help people in crises and people who want to make their lives better - People who need hope.

How do we help?

This is where it gets a little more complex. Here is the key: We partner with local agencies to help many people in this county. Instead of focusing on one single issue, we focus on all the issues facing the community.

What makes United Way work?

The support United Way of Coles County provides is made possible by hundreds of people in our county that generously make donations. They know their money helps our community - often people they know, whether it is a neighbor, co-worker family or friends - And they know that contribution to United Way stays here to help our community.

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United Way of Coles County

114 N 16th St, PO Box 868, Mattoon, IL 61938, US

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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